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Zenful Men

High Frequency Yogi Necklace

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Find inner peace with our Yogi Necklace. Made of 925 silver, this necklace is inspired by mindfulness and is designed to help you take a moment to centre yourself in a hectic world.

Not only is this necklace beautiful and meaningful, it also gives back. We've partnered with Balibay, a premium silversmith in Bali, who is donating 10% of profits to support local silver families.

Plus, by purchasing this necklace, you become a member of the Zenful collective - a community dedicated to supporting mental health and raising money for charities that help struggling individuals. So far, we've raised over £13,350 for various charities.


925 silver 

55mm long for the chain (Basic chain)

 Zenful Men raising £10,000 for mental health charity My Black Dog at GymShark

Zenful Men donating 25 hoodies to the homeless via 'Let's Feed Brum' in Birmingham

Balibay 10% profit donated to 'silver family' in Bali and other communities (e.g. YPAC BALI) in need. YPAC Bali is one of the institutes for physically and mentally handicapped children. 

Balibay donated family that were needed in Bali ( Village in Binyan Kintamani Bali) 

Balibay donated to YPAC Bali

With buying our necklace is a symbol of unity to help each other and encourage taking the time to center yourself in a world that can be difficult to unwind.