About us

A Brand That Brings People Together. 

Here at Zenful Men, Our philosophy is to break the stigma that men shouldn't talk about their mental health and emotions. We encourage all brothers to check up on one another, and if anybody is struggling to reach out for help. 75% of suicides come from men but only 38% of counselling referrals are male. It does not make you weak to seek help for your mental health.

Who We Are. 

Zenful Men want to help you - we are not doctors but have an abundance of experience in dealing with our own mental health issues successfully.

We host seminars/workshops for events & organisations. These include cold water therapy, breathwork, mindfulness and other natural living topics. - if you are interested in booking Zenful Men, or you need help - email us info@zenfulmen.com 

Mobile Pop up store also available showcasing our Premium Clothing and spreading our heartfelt message.

Brand New

Zenful Men Holistic guide to tackling your Mental & Physical health.



We work closely along side Malvern Mindfulness, and sponsor struggling individuals where we can to "get the ball rolling" with therapy, so to say.
Malvern mindfulness
We are also sponsored by BetterHelp a professional, affordable online counselling firm that provides online support any time, any place. Follow our link for 10% off!
www betterhelp.com/zenfulmen 

Help and Contact. 

Mind Helpline


If you would like to approach us in regards to the work we do - or would just like to get in touch to discuss support avenues - please email us at info@zenfulmen.com !

We set challenges and share advice/experiences via our social media channels Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.