About us

Welcome to ZENFUL.

Orignially TM’d as Zenful Men - This brand was set up during lockdown to highlight the catastrophic suicide rates, which was the leading cause of death in men under 50.

We incorporate modern streetwear & art with seminars, workshops and holistic programs to share our findings and try to help make a difference.

We are a brand that tackles mental health in a very honest and real way, highlighting the flaws within our culture in a compassionate approach. We don’t try and change people as none of us are perfect, rather we give the facts and teach techniques to help create balance and initiate change in life - the brand is the journey, and we want the whole family to come along with us.. 

Essentially, we are a mental health brand that didn’t like the narrative being put out by the MSM. So we took matters into our own hands - in a way that reflected our personality and culture.

We use our profits to invest into initiatives that we believe can make a difference - By donating to charities, putting on free Muay Thai/boxing classes for the community, and giving to the homeless to name a few.

We have hosted cold water therapy & breath-work workshops for the likes of Gymshark, been featured on the BBC 3 times raising money for charity and been nominated as start up business of the year in our county -  So far we have raised £13,700 for initiatives.

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Thank you for being a part of what we've created; every purchase fuels this movement and enables us to invest in people. Big love from Zenful x