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 Zenful Men @ GymShark

Whether you want Zenful Men to teach a natural technique to manage stress, depression, anxiety - such as Mindfulness, Cold Water Therapy, Breathwork and many more.

Or maybe you would like us to tell our inspiring story of how change is possible. Its very raw, very honest, but we have seen how this authenticity connects with people more than you could imagine! We are so humbled to make a difference but we will not stop until the infamous mental health statistics are under control. 

We also hire ourselves out for pop-up shops selling our Premium Streetwear - Founder Sam Neath is always at hand to tell the journey of our movement and how we use our profits in ways to help society.

We have hosted workshops for GymShark, Tribal Hearts Festival, Gyms, Health & Wellness centres and Business' that care about their employees. 

Pop Up shops have been thick and fast since starting the brand also, being booked by Gumball 3000, Piston distillery, to name a couple & various markets throughout the United Kingdom.

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